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Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Coimbra, "DATAJURIS, Direito e Informática, Lda." is a company whose main purpose is the design and updating of legal databases and subsequently making those services available online.

The preferred target group all those who deal daily with the Law, its clients are private entities, natural and legal persons (Lawyers and Firms), as well as public entities (Central, Regional and Local Administration, and also public services).

A pioneer in this field, DATAJURIS sees the Law as a whole, not susceptible to fragmentation or postponement that can be reconciled with occasional and slow updates. For an effective analysis of each case, one must take into account the unity of the national legal system here and now, and so each statute gives rise to a profusely annotated record, concerning both Legislation and Jurisprudence, that is constantly being updated and made available, on a permanent basis, 24 hours a day.

The added value of such an effort is evident in the problems that the potential user faces when doing research. A few examples are:

  • The tight procedural deadlines established legally;
  • The difficulty to possess or have access to, in a timely manner, to all the elements of mandatory consultation;
  • In addition to the difficulty in obtaining them outside the major urban centres;
  • The expenditure made on the acquisition and constant updating of codes, compendia, etc.;
  • The difficulty in storing and handling large amounts of information;
  • The absence of their systematic updating and treatment;
  • The constant production of laws, the quantity of statutes published daily.

In this everyday context that jurists currently face, the use of the solution proposed by DATAJURIS will help the user save time, besides giving him a greater ability to respond to a greater number of cases and with an information service that is effective, credible and accurate.

All this work is accessible to the user upon connection via the Internet, and via WAP, in order for the information to be available in all situations (meetings, lectures, debates, etc.), making it available on mobile phones and via all the current range of mobile devices.

Throughout these years of market presence, DATAJURIS has extended its area of activity, through the introduction of a WebTV dedicated to Jurists, at, and through rigorously updated electronic publishing, at an affordable price, and compatible with the speed in which regulations are currently modified, accessible at

Finally, DATAJURIS also decided to enter into traditional publication, albeit not systematically and only to publish books for which, due to their particular interest, we consider publication to be an asset that cannot be measured by mere commercial value, but through their real value, whether in the field of Doctrine, or in the Legislative context, focused on a fundamentally historical and hermeneutic variant of Fundamental Laws of the Portuguese Legal System.