Legal Database
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O Access

A "password" assigned by DATAJURIS is required for access to the Databases.

Each "password" is equivalent to one connection and is completely independent of the platform where the user intends to work. The only rule to follow is that only one work session is allowed at a time with the same password.

The connection can be made via a standard Internet session, or registered to certain equipment by IP (Internet Protocol), there is no limit of connections in the latter case.

The Contract

Each executed contract will have a minimum term of one year, because the initial investment made by DATAJURIS, in the creation and availability of Databases, makes any other modality economically infeasible.

It's important to note that, once connected to our Databases, the user will spend absolutely nothing on training sessions (on-site), requests to our help-desk, or specific requests to our services, within our corporate purpose, etc.

This is a full service, and we do not want the user to feel constrained to refrain from using the full amount of our services because of mere budgetary issues.

There are different contracts for jurists as natural persons and as firms, Municipalities, SMEs or large Companies.